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PhD students who graduated Thai universities in 2010

 Chiangmai University (CMU)

1 Krit Somkantha A Novel Edge Detection for Ill-Defined Edges in Noisy Images
2 Chanapan Kongnam Optimal Planning and Operation of Wind-Turbine Plant with Uncertain Wind Speed
3 Narissara Eiamkanitchat Rule Extraction for Classification using a Novel Neuro-Fuzzy method
Mahanakorn University of Technology (MUT)
1 Montree Bunruangses Enhancement DWDM Generating by Nonlinear Micro-Ring and Nano-Ring Resonators for Vehicular ad Hoc Network Communication
Suranaree University of Technology (SUT)
1 Piyaporn Krachodnok Microstrip Reflectarray Antenna Using Backscattering Technique
2 Chumpon Ratummakasorn Study and Design of Regional Magnetic Induction Heating
3 Deacha Puangdownreong Identification of Dynamic Systems via Image Processing
4 Padej Pao-la_or New Designs of Induction Motors to Reduce Vibration by Finite Element Method
5 Kongpol Areerak Harmonic Identification for Active Power Filters
6 Prayoth Kumsawat Digital Image Watermarking Using Multiwavelet Transform
7 Wirote Sangtungtong Development of an Adaptive Sliding-Mode Speed and Load Torque Observer for a Sensorless Vector Controlled Induction Motor
8 Suriya Kaewarsa Classification of Transient Power Disturbances Using Multiwavelet Transform
9 Sakrawee Raweekul Control of Single-Phase Induction Motors in Parallel Connection Using Fuzzy Logic and an Application to a Crop Chopping Machine
10 Rungruang Pattanakul Development of Pneumatic Braille Display System Using High-Aspect-Ratio Microstructure
11 Kenedy Aliila Greyson Contingency Analysis Model for Power Systems Based on Agents
King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT)
1 Sombat Vanichprapa OTA-Based Control System of Three-Phase Shunt VSI Active Power Filter
2 Tapanee Tirapat "
The Influence of Design Dimensions on Website Usability:An Empirical Study"
3 Chatklaw Jareanpon Motion analysis of a Hyper-redundant robot for object manipulation
4 Pakorn Leesutthipornchaistudent Multi-Objective Grooming, Routing and Wavelength Assignment Using Genetic Algorithm
5 Kittiya Congkapun Efficient 3D Pose Estimation and Tracking of Articulated Body from Uncalibrated Monocular Image Sequence
6 Kairoek Choeychuenstudent Robust Ambiguous Target Handling for Visual Object Tracking
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