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 The second half of the year is the period of a heavy work for me. Most graduate students will complete their programs by this time. This means many correction of the theses including the preparation for their oral presentations.  I quite enjoy the task.  However, to have a high quality work, we need time.  And time is never enough in these cases where students must rush toward their finishes.  It is always the case that one underestimate the time taken to write up a good work.  When I asked my colleague who is a professor at the university of California, San Diego, how long it takes to write a good piece of article for a journal submission, his reply is "2000 hours."  I can hardly believe it took that long.  Now, ten years later, I learned that he is so right!

We (I and my students) spent several weeks polishing up our manuscripts before submission.  It is not entirely the problem of foreign language, it is also how to write clearly so that one convey a correct meaning to the reader.  I find that if we can write as if we explain our technical aspect to a layman, it will help to simplify the explanation.  I am still learning how to write simply.

Prabhas Chongstitvatana

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