Product Development Methodology in Kansei Engineering


Product Development Methodology in Kansei Engineering


Suchada Sitjongsataporn

Centre of Electronic Systems Design and Signal Processing (CESdSP)

Department of Electronic Engineering, Mahanakorn University of Technology

140 Cheumsamphan Rd., Nong-chok, Bangkok, Thailand 10530




ABSTRACT— Kansei engineering or ‘affective engineering’ is the key of product development methodology by translating customer’s psychological feeling and demands on this product into product’s design parameters. This process allows you to design with the customer’s responses such as feelings and emotions in order to guarantee that your product or service will evoke desirable customer’s emotional responses. It was developed in Japan in the early of 1970s and now is widely spread in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and it is applied in Europe such as Sweden, Spain and France. In the early of 2000s, it has been new departures for Kansei engineering that is in the applied science linking with psychology and neural sciences. In this paper, the Kansei engineering is discussed in the various topics in both Japan and Western lifestyle. The author took a general view of them in relation to knowledge based on engineering from the view points of the own author.

Keywords: Kansei engineering, affective engineering, emotional engineering, Kansei business, comfortable lifestyle.


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