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Paper list on ECTI-EEC Vol 11, No 1 (2013)

 ECTI-EEC Vol 11, No 1 (2013)

Regular Papers
1. A Novel Modelling and Controlling of Distributed Power Flow Controller (DPFC) Base on PSO Algorithm
Authors : A. Ajami, B. Soulat, A. Safari
Page(s): 1 – 8
2. Asset Management for Power Transformer in High Voltage Substation
Authors : T. Suwanasri, R. Phadungthin, C. Suwanasri
Page(s): 9 – 17
3. An Anti-Islanding for Multiple Photovoltaic Inverters using Harmonic Current Injections
Authors : M. Konghirun, S. Patthamakunchai, W. Lenwari
Page(s): 18 – 24
4. Determining Number of e-Node B for Digital Dividend Public Safety Communication in Jakarta Area
Authors : G. Damanik, D. Sirat, D. Gunawan
Page(s): 47 – 55
5. A Design Study of 4/2 Switched Reluctance Motor Using Particle Swarm Optimization
Authors : W. Phuangmalai, M. Konghirun, N. Chayopitak
Page(s): 56 – 62
6. DFIG Sliding Mode Control Driven by Wind Turbine with Using a SVM Inverter for Improve the Quality of 
Energy Injected into the Electrical Grid
Authors : Y. Bekakra, D. B. Attous
Page(s): 63 – 75
7. Protection System Adjustment for High Penetration of Distributed Generation
Authors : T. Saksornchai, B. Eua-arporn
Page(s): 76 - 84
Special Session Papers from ECTICON2012
8. A Novel Single Phase AC-AC Converter with Power Factor Control
Authors : S. Kitcharoenwat, A. Sangswang, M. Konghirun
Page(s): 25 - 31
9. Doubly-Fed Induction Generator Wind Turbine Model for Fault Ride-Through Investigation
Authors : Y. Yutana
Page(s): 32 – 36
10. A Design Method for Control System to Attenuate Periodic Input Disturbances Using Disturbance Observers 
for Time-Delay Plants
Authors : J. Hu, K. Yamada, T. Sakanushi, Y. Nakui, Y. Atsuta
Page(s): 37 - 46
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