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Paper list on ECTI-EEC Vol 11, No 2 (2013)

Regular Papers
Novel Circuit Breaker Modeling in 275kV Substation
Authors : H. Radmanesh, R. S. Atani
Page(s): 1 - 7

Transfer Function Analysis to Evaluate Drying Quality of Power Transformers by Support Vector Machine
Authors : M. Bigdeli, H. Firoozi
Page(s): 8 - 15

Optimal DG Allocation in a Smart Distribution Grid Using Cuckoo Search Algorithm
Authors : W. Buaklee, K. Hongesombut
Page(s): 16 - 22

Robust Interline Power Flow Controller with Wind Power Source Using Phase-Plane Fuzzy Logic Control
Authors : K. Hongesombut, T. Kerdphol
Page(s): 23 - 27

Chirality (n, m) Dependence of Band Gap of Semiconducting SWCNT
Authors : G. Jamal
Page(s): 28 - 37

Determination of the Optimal Battery Capacity of a Grid-connected Photovoltaic System with Power and Frequency Fluctuations Consideration
Authors : K. Audomvongseree, C. Chattrin
Page(s): 38 - 42

Operational Amplifier Gain-Bandwidth Product Enhancement Technique for Common-mode Active EMI Filter Compensation Circuits
Authors : V. Tarateeraseth
Page(s): 43 - 50

Performance Enhancement of PMSG Systems with Control of Generator-side Converter Using d-axis Stator Current Controller
Authors : Y. Kumsuwan, K. Bunjongjit
Page(s): 51 - 57

Dependable Capacity Evaluation of Wind Power and Solar Power Generation Systems
Authors : K. Audomvongseree, C. Naksrisuk
Page(s): 58 - 66

Multi-Objective Design for Switched Reluctance Machines Using Genetic and Fuzzy Algorithms
Authors : S. Owatchaiphong, N. Fuengwarodsakul
Page(s): 67 - 78

Design of Cogeneration and Analysis of Economic and Environmental Optimal Operations for Building Energy Management System
Authors : T. Petkajee, D. Banjerdpongchai
Page(s): 79 - 94

Bat Optimization for a Dual-Source Energy Management in an Electric Vehicle Energy Storage Strategy
Authors : B. Allaoua, A. Laou, B. Mebarki
Page(s): 95 - 100


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