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List of papers on ECTI-EEC Trans, Aug-2010 issue

Invited paper:

1) Jae-Il Jung, Jong-Ho Lee, In-Yong Shin, Ji-Hee Moon, and Yo-Sung Ho, “Improved Depth Perception of Single-view Images”, received: April 7, 2010

Regular papers:

2) Xia Liu,  Marek E. Bialkowski, Feng Wang, “Investigation into the Effects of Channel Properties on Training-based MIMO”, received: Nov 11, 2008, revised: Jan 7, 2009, accepted: May 26, 2009

3) Apichat Terapasirdsin, William F. Rotach, Naruemon Wattanapongsakorn, Patrick H. Madden, “A Modified Edge Removal Stiener Tree Heuristic for Global Routing in VLSI Design”, received: Dec 27, 2008, revised: May 7, 2009, accepted: Aug 7, 2009

4) Y. Kumsuwan , W. Srirattanawichaikul2 and S. Premrudeepreechacharn, “Reduction of Torque Ripple in Direct Torque Control for Induction Motor Drives Using Decoupled Amplitude and Angle of Stator Flux Control”, received: Mar 4, 2009, accepted: Aug 23, 2009

5) HuiYao Zhang, Marek Bialkowski, Garry Einicke and John Homer, “Application Oriented Flow Routing Algorithm for VoIP Overlay Networks”, received: Jul 1, 2008, revised: Dec 30, 2008, accepted: Jan 28, 2009

6) Wimol San-Um* and Tachibana Masayoshi, “A Low-Cost High-Speed Impulse Response Based Built-In Self Test for Analog Integrated Circuits”, received: Jul 14, 2009, revised: Oct 23, 2009, accepted: May 6, 2010

Special Sections on papers selected from ISMACS 2009

7) Sailesh Bharatiy and Poompat Saengudomlert, “Analysis and Derivation of Mean Packet Delay for Gated Service in EPONs”, received: Aug 1, 2009, revised: Jan 31, 2010, accepted: May 24, 2010

8) Masayuki Ikebe and Junichi Motohisa, “An Intelligent CMOS Image Sensor with negative feedback resetting ”, received: Apr 12, 2009, revised: Apr 4, 2010, accepted: May 7, 2010

9) KY-Leng, Kei SAKAGUCHI, and Kiyomichi ARAKI, “Compact Spatial Correlation Formula for MIMO in Factory Environment”, received: May 29, 2009, revised: Apr 4, 2010, accepted: Apr 23, 2010

10) Adha I. Cahyadi, Prapto Nugroho, and Yoshio Yamamoto, “Hybrid Design of Passive Mobile Robot Teleoperation System”, received: Jun 29, 2009, revised: Apr 4, 2010, accepted: Apr 12, 2010

11) Adha I. Cahyadi and Yoshio Yamamoto, “A new Tool for Input to State Stabilization of Delayed System via FDE Dissipativity”, received: Jun 29, 2009, revised: Apr 4, 2010, accepted: Apr 12, 2010

12) Robetkoh Annur, Meng Wah Chiam, Tjeng Thiang Tjhung, Chi Chung Ko, “A Transceiver Scheme for Localized DFT Spread OFDM (DFT-SOFDM) in Frequency and Time-Selective Channel”, received: Jun 30, 2009, revised: Apr 4, 2010, accepted: May 29, 2010

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