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Appear In1st Conference on Application Research and Development (Download Proceeding) (ECTI-CARD 2009)
Publication Date04/05/2009 - 06/05/2009
Pages313 - 318
Author 1กฤษฎา อังวราวงศ์
Author 2เอกดนัย ดนัยสวัสดิ์
Author 3สุขุมาล กิติสิน


    The Asset Management for Animation Studio project (AMAS) is developed and designed for small and medium animation studios. The goal of the project is to improve the employees’ collaboration, reduce the coordination time and help them work more effectively with a support from the new system developed by Web Technology. To develop the AMAS system, we have collected user requirements and production pipeline from real potential users at Zurreal Studio. The finished system was tested at the Zurreal Studio and corrected per their requests to make it best suited for the usage. In the implementation, PHP and MySQL are selected to develop the AMAS system. Firefox browser is used for testing the system and Openfire is adopted as the notification system.

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