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1D Frequency Transformation- Based Amplitude- Only Images for Copyright- and Privacy- Protection in Image Trading Systems

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Appear InECTI Transactions on Computer and Information Technology (ECTI‐CIT) (ECTI-CIT)
Publication Date01/11/2014 - 30/11/2014
Pages133 - 144
Author 1 Wannida Sae-tang
Author 2 Shenchuan Liu
Author 3 Masaaki Fujiyoshi
Author 4 Hitoshi Kiya


    This paper proposes an effective method of generating amplitude-only images (AOIs) which are inversely transformed amplitude components of images
and which are used in the copyright- and privacyprotected digital fingerprinting-based image trading
systems. The proposed method applies a one-dimensional frequency transformation to an image for
generating the AOI with low intensity range (IR),
whereas the IR of the AOI in the conventional method
using a two-dimensional transformation is too large
to store or transmit. The proposed method is distinct from other IR reduction approaches such as clipping, linear and non-linear scaling, block division, and
random sign assignment which require extra-calculations, it reduces the computational complexity while
it reduces IRs of AOIs. Moreover, experimental results show that the proposed method enhances the
quality of fingerprinted images and fingerprinting performance.

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