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The Beacon Tools for the Analysis of Gene Expression and Its Regulation

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Appear In1st Conference on Application Research and Development (Download Proceeding) (ECTI-CARD 2009)
Publication Date04/05/2009 - 06/05/2009
Pages37 - 42
Author 1Federico Zambelli
Author 2Matteo Re
Author 3Giulio Pavesi


    Bioinformatic tools have become essential for researchers in modern molecular biology and medicine, allowing them to take advantage of the wealth of data currently available. In this article we present the tools developed by the Bioinformatics, Evolution, and Comparative Genomics (Beacon) group at the University of Milano, that provide a computational pipeline for the analysis of gene expression and its regulation. Through dedicated web interfaces users can retrieve expression data for their gene(s) of interest, as well as study their regulation, i.e. identify the factors and sequence elements playing a key role for the modulation of their transcription. The tools are available through a dedicated web interface at either or

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