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Appear In1st Conference on Application Research and Development (Download Proceeding) (ECTI-CARD 2009)
Publication Date04/05/2009 - 06/05/2009
Pages97 - 102
Author 1นฤดล ดามพ์สุกรี
Author 2รังสรรค์ วงศ์สรรค์
Author 3ทิพย์วรรณ ฟังสุวรรณรักษ์


    A learning-teaching operational system passing through a network of learning management system under SCORM standard is an actual laboratory that was developed by integration among a real laboratory, virtual laboratory and remote laboratory, and this integration allows learners to be able to operate actual laboratory by themselves when they are being outside the normal laboratory room. Additionally, this integration also facilitates learners connect an experiment with the network system in order to keep experimental results to the learning management system as SCORM 2004 standard for every system. This article explains a building of the architecture in system both hardware and software to connect the laboratory plus a software which makes sending information to the learning management system be in line with SCORM 2004 standard, and the experimental result at the first step before real using will have low mistakes which are the level that can be brought to replace the laboratory in the real experimental room.

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